This arena was wetland and forest, most

of the tributes stayed at the wetlands.

Until the arena flooded on day 5, (Which was an idea of Rainbow Shifter and Justafox) this caused many deaths.

Because of this the remaining tributes were forced to move to the forest. But then all the mutts were released, (which caused more deaths).

At Day 7 there was a feast at the Cornucopia, as the Cornucopia was surrounded by mines, only the clever could get pas it. This day Malliet won.


Underwater mutts: They only live in the water, we don’t know how they look like. Only a few things: They are green, slimy, and have long arms to pull you in the water.

Dragonfly: Insect, deadly and poisonous. It has the speed of a cheeta, the strength of a elephant, and the size of a pelican.

Tree Mutts: They are small but live in numerous quantities and attack from the trees. They are almost invisible

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