MallietDistrict2:This Is where you can chat with All Pain Games Characters (Even If they are dead!!!) and get to know them.

Mollianne Westmore:Please write in Script format!

Malliet Westmore: Like what we are doing right now!

Danica Rosedain: Yeah.....

Aven Rosedain: What she said!

Maple Tree: What they said!

MallietDistrict2:Ok then.....Moving Swiftly along.....ON WITH THE CHAT!!!!!

Polinarose: Are you sure? :D

MovieReviews98: Use the comment section below for Chat.

Rainbow Shifter: YES!

Polinarose: Agreed

GlimmerandSparkle: Use it like a Social Networking site!!

Polinarose: Which one?

Rainbow Shifter: Just remember to tell us which one of YOUR tributes is talking, and if you have something to say that none of them are saying put your username.

GlimmerandSparkle: Just DON'T talk through someone else's character.

MovieReviews98: Or our ghosts will come and get you...

Everyone that's dead: BOO!

MallietDistrict2: Ok NOW on with the chat.......XD

Abbreviations Edit


Rose Juna Ice - Rose/Juna

Malliet - Malli

Molliane - Molli

Mariette - Mari

Filivenia - Fili

Danica - Danni


GlimmerandSparkle: Glimmer

MallietDistrict2: MalliD2

Polinarose: Prose

Rainfacestar - RFS

MovieReviews98 - Movies/Smoothies

Mysims - Sims