Alyssa James
Snow White by SinfulEyes
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 12
Gender Female
Weapon Boomerang
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Alyssa James was the female tribute from District 12 in the 1st Pain Games.


Alyssa was a pretty girl, but no one ever mentioned or noticed her looks. She hade brown long hair and hazel eyes. She was also pretty tall for her age.


Alyssa volunteered for her older sister, who's 18. Alyssa cried while walking to the stage, which made the escort laugh.


And now the final district, District 12! Channing Friendlie and Alyssa James come out and... Oh no! They are wearing a common miner costumes and the crowd are bored and turn their attention back to their favorites.

-Caeser Flickerman, 1st Pain Games Chariot Rides

District 12 didn't do well at the chariot rides. They placed 11th of the 12.


Alyssa got some knives, almost hit every target. Only one gamemaker watched, so she didn't get the score she deserved. Alyssa was very angry at the gamemakers when she received her score. She didn't have her bomerang. She got an 8.


Alyssa held her nerve when she was being interviewed and answered every question that was thrown at her perfectly.

Caeser: Thank you and good luck Channing Friendlie!!! Last but no least is the Female from District 12... Alyssa James!!!

Alyssa James: Its very nice to be here!

Caeser: Its very nice to have you here! Now tell me a bit about yourself like your favorite weapon.

Alyssa: Its a bomerang but my favorite one does have a bit of a secret!

Caeser: And whats that?

Alyssa: Well then it wouldn't be a secret would it?

Caeser: No it wouldn't! Best of luck Alyssa James... Now that concludes our Tribute Interviews, I'll be back soon with some exclusive interviews with the Mentors and their oppinion on their tributes!

Pain GamesEdit

Alyssa was the first one to die, as she was killed by Lucy Evans at the bloodbath. Lucy used some blunt item that wasn't even meant to be a weapon!

Alyssa James was placed 24th


  • Alyssa was the first one who ever died in The Pain Games.
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