Calculum Infinity
Age 12
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Calculum Infinity was the male tribute from District 3 in the 1st Pain Games.


Calculum is small, and not very handsome.


Calculum kept muttering to himself all the way through the reaping.


District 3's tributes Calculum Infinity and Ivana Sickle are just behind and the crowd looks at them but they don't really get the stylists design... The mismatching costumes don't work well and it doesn't really show what District 3 is all about. -Ceaser Flickerman, 1st Pain Games Calculum and Ivana Sickle were wearing something that didn't reflect their district.

They were placed 12th overall.


In training Calculum tried to impress the gamemakers by throwing some axes and showing his snare skills. The gamemakers gave him an 8.


In the interviews Calculum started off being strong but then started insulting the Capitol.

Calculum Infinity: Hello Caeser!

Caeser: Now Calculum tell me about your training score. Its not everyday that somebody from an outlined District gets a high score. Whats your strategy?

Calculum: Well really its nothing to it! I just want to give some of the weaker ones a chance to win... Protect them and give them some hope.

(crowd shifts nervously)

Caeser: Thats very nice! What do you think about the games then?

Calculum: I think they are barbaric and I hope to make these games... Different. The Gamemakers aren't going to be in control of this one, my alliance will be!

Caeser: OK then! Thats all we have time for, good luck Calculum Infinity!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Calculum took part in the bloodbath. He ran into the Cornucopia and hid with an axe until John Louis came along. He threw the axe at him but then forgot to pick up the axe again and ran to the wetlands with a sack that was dropped by Makhala Shelby.

On Day 2 and 3 Calculum is the tribute with the most food because he is in the wetlands. But he is hidden in a clump of reeds when Darren Castly and Jeramy Al start fighting. Calculum sees that Darren has his axe.

On Day 5 when the wetlands flood, Calculum doesn't notice and he is still sleeping. But then he is awaken by a tenticle from a water mutt wraps around his leg and drowns him.

Calculum Infinity was placed 6th.


His family thought that he was going to win because he was in the top 8 but his older sister killed herself because he died(almost foreshadowing what was to come for a fellow tribute).

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