Channing Friendlie
Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 12
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Channing Friendlie was the male tribute from District 12 in the 1st Pain Games.


Channing is extremely handsome, almost every girl from 12 was in love with him. He's got dark, short hair and blue eyes.


He got reaped, which caused all the girls to cry. He just laughed while walking to the escort, like it was just a joke. Hiding all his emotions.


Channing and the District 12 female, Alyssa James, were wearing a common miners outfit, which got them 11th place out of 12:

And now the final district, District 12! Channing Friendlie and Alyssa James come out and... Oh no! They are wearing a common miner costumes and the crowd are bored and turn their attention back to their favorites. - Caeser Flickerman


Channing threw some spears, and did an agility test. He earned a 7.


Channing was very friendly and calm during his interview:

Caeser: Next is the Male tribute from District 12... Channing Friendlie!!!

Channing Friendlie: Thats right! District Twelve and proud!

Caeser: Thats what I like to hear from Tributes.

Channing: I bet its something you don't hear very often from District 12 tributes?

Caeser: Its not I have to be honest! You're a very charming young man aren't you?

Channing: And so are you Caeser!

Caeser: Thank you and good luck Channing Friendlie!!!

Pain GamesEdit

During the bloodbath, Channing was attempting to kill Mariz Ganielle from District 11. He suceeded, but then Lucy Evans came up behind him and stabbed him in the face.

He finished 15th, and was the last person to die in the bloodbath.


  • The girls of District 12 are still crying.
  • He had a crush on Alyssa James.
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