This is the page with the criteria to apply for the position of a chat mod, ect.

Chat moderator Edit

1.*At least 10 constructive edits

2.* No history of vandalism in the last 6 months

3.*At least 1 pain games character.


1. It's to make sure you're a committed user. Constrictive edits are fixing grammar mistakes, adding templates/info to pages, ect.

2. This is so that we dont accept trolls ad spammers to higher ranks.

3. This is to make sure you're not some random user that discovered this wiki by accident. It can be a stylist, a mentor, a gamemaker or a tribute.

Admin Edit

1. *At least 100 constructive edits

2. * Not have any records of vandalism on this wiki

3. * Have at least 1 character in the games

4. Have at least 1 admin/chat mod back up your application


1. To make sure you're a committed user

2. To not have trolls and spammers ruin the wiki for everyone else

3. To make sure you actually joined the wiki as an editor.

4. To have actual people think you can do a good job