Ella Portette
Age 15
Occupation Stylist
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Ella Portette was the stylist for District 4 tributes in the 2nd Pain Games.


She had pale blue eyes, proclain white skin and waist lenghth blonde hair. She is very similar to Aqua Ice, Rose Juna Ice's sister.


She lived in the Capitol with a crazed mother that ran a beauty salon in the capitol. While Shimmerly Portette, Ella's sister had purple hair, electric green skin and aqua tattoos all over her body, Ella was totally normal, but wore too much blush for the districts taste.

Chariot CostimesEdit

In the chariot rides, Rose Juna Ice wore an ocean blue dress and beach sandals, and Samuel Lamar wore a white top and blue short.

Relationship with TributesEdit

  • Rose Juna Ice: Ella had a good relationship with her. They were pretty close in age and they both didn't have a father and thery both had two sisters. They chatted alot and became good friends.
  • Samuel Lamar: Even though Rose Juna had a huge crush on him, she didn't really trust or like him.

Audience Approval Edit

Her costumes got placed 6th out of 12.


Shortly after Excel won, she was executed for placing matches on the inside of Rose's jacket that she wore in the arena. She was given nightlock berries.

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