Feline Stellarium
E c l e c t i c by eclipxphotography-d510yc2
Age 39
Occupation Escort
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Height 5"7
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games

2nd Pain Games

Feline Stellarium is an escort of the District 1 tributes.


Feline's mother was an escort of District 1 until she died in a train accident a few years before the 1st Pain Games. Feline swore she'd take her mothers position as escort.


Feline is a crazy woman, whom is obsessed with electricity.

Experience of The Pain GamesEdit

Feline is very angry District 1 didn't make it to the top 3 of the Chariots. When both of the the tributes from 1 didn't make it to the top 8, she started screaming and cursing. Because of this Feline hated the 1st Pain Games.

The mentors calmed Feline down when she was having a hysterical attack because of the chariot (1 didn't make it to the top 3 again). Since Excel was the Victor, she loved the 2nd Pain Games even though she's not so fond of Excel.

Relationship with tributesEdit

  • Kezaiah Bianca, Feline had a very good bond with her. Whenever they could be together they were among each other.
  • Darren Castly, Feline found him a barbarian. So she stayed away from him.
  • Cariettum Downstreet, Feline did like her. But they just didn't have a special bond.
  • Excel Rose, Feline thought Excel ignored he, that's why she didn't have any contact with him.


  • Feline is still mourning for Kezaiah.