Halo Danian
Age 33
Occupation Escort
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Height 5"4
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games

2nd Pain Games

Mentioned "You're so afraid of taking chances, how are you ever going to reach the top?" - Halo
Halo Danian is the escort of the District 3 tributes.


Halo was very popular, but all of her friends were escorts. This made her feel the "outstander", so she gave a try to become an escort. The Capitol was glad she wanted to become an escort. One hooligan less.


Halo is very loud, and she speaks without a Capitol accent.

Experience of The Pain GamesEdit

Halo was very pleased that only one of her tributes died in the bloodbath. And when she found out one of her tributes made it to the top 8, she screamed of joy. Halo loves The Pain games. (1st Pain Games)

Both of the tributes died in the bloodbath. Halo doesn't mind, there's always next year. (2nd Pain Games)

Relationship with TributesEdit

Ivane Sickle, Halo liked her. But didn't talk to her that much.

Calculum Infinity, she only hangs around handsome people. So not around Calculum.

Tiffany Gomez, well everyone hates Tiffany.

Rockey Dean, our escort had a fun time with him.