Liam Tran
Age 23
Occupation Gamemaker
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Height 6"1
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games

2nd Pain Games

Liam Tran (Justafox) is one of the gamemakers of the Pain Games.


When Liam was a teenager he always watched and enjoyed The Pain Games. After 4 years, as he was 14 back then, Liam finished school. He waited for a chance to join the gamemakers. Luck was on his side, there was a commercial on TV of The Pain Games. They needed new tributes! The gamemakers decided that he and some others could join their group. Now they hope he does a good job, so President Snow does not have to kill him.


Liam is quite shy, and only has some friends. But when he's among his friends, Liam is funny and crazy.

Arena IdeasEdit

He designed the arena of The 1st Pain Games and The 2nd Pain Games.

It was also his idea to let the arena flood, plus he created the mutts. (1st Pain Games)

Mutts IdeasEdit

Underwater mutts: They only live in the water, we don’t know how they look like. Only a few things: They are green, slimy, and have long arms to pull you in the water.

Dragonfly: Insect, deadly and poisonous. It has the speed of a cheeta, the strength of a elephant, and the size of a pelican.

This are the mutts Liam created, they were created for the 1st Pain Games.

Quarter Quell IdeasEdit