Lila Woods
Age 12
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Lila Woods was the female tribute from District 7 in the 1st Pain Games.


Lila has red hair, pale face, and pink lips. She's very pretty, but naturaly not the capitol's pretty.


Lila's best friend was reaped, so she volunteered. District 7 was quite shocked by this, as Lila was a well known inhabitan. And very loved.


Lila and her district partner Ender Jackson were one of the youngest groups in the entire games. The audience felt sorry for them, as they looked so petite, but only enough to earn them 9th place:

We are just over half way through the Chariot Rides and here comes Ender Jackson and Lila Woods from District 7 who are one of the youngest pairs of tributes in the games this year. They look very petite compared to the other tributes before them but the crowd feels sorry for them. - Caeser Flickerman


Lila took an axe, -she's from 7, but isn't able to handle an axe- which made the gamemakers laugh. And without saying a word she left the room. Because of this she got a 5.


Lila was slightly on edge during the interview, but told the audience and Caeser her game plan, as well as her opinion on the Capitol (Although it is not known if she was lying about her opinion or not): Caeser: District 7's Female is up next... Lila Woods!!!

Lila Woods: Thank you for that introduction... I love your hair this year by the way.

Caeser: Oh thank you! Its yellow to match the topic of what the Pain Games are all about... Draining energy when you kill somebody, so whats your tactic to try and avoid having your energy taken?

Lila: Erm... Well I am only young and I don't think I'd be able to withstand alot so I'd maybe team up with an older tribute who feels sorry for me and let them do all the killing.

Caeser: Thats very smart of you!

Lila: Oh thank you! The Gamemakers are also very smart for thinking of these games.

(cheers from Gamemakers)

Caeser: Thank you for talking to me and I wish you the very best of luck Lila Woods!!!

Pain GamesEdit

During the bloodbath, Lila decided to run straight into the wetlands, but Ford Dryden had punched her in the head, knocking her out. The careers think she's dead, so they ignore her. At the end of the day, she managed to crawl into the woods.

On Day 2, she managed to climb up a tree for protection, as she had no weapons or food. However, when she went to check a noise, it ended up being the careers. Kezaiah Bianca was the first to notice her, and she plunges a dagger in Lilas neck, killing her.

Lila finished 14th, and was the first person to die after the bloodbath.


  • District 7 cried when she died.
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