Lily Williams
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 8
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games
"I'm like a ninja, like with ninja stars and all that"
―Lily Williams[src]

Lily Williams is the female tribute from District 8 in the 2nd Pain Games. Lily befriended her district partner, Michael during the games.


Lily has dark golden hair she has blue eyes. She has fair skin and is really tall for her age.


During the Reaping, Lily stayed strong for the cameras but off camera she managed to befriend Michael in the hope that he could offer her some protection.


Lily was wearing a plain but beautiful dress made of quilts and a veil of quilts. The quilts were different colours but the Capitol's attention was soon drawn away.


During training Lily showed some skill by throwing some knives and showed unique skill with her ninja stars. The Gamemakers gave her an 8.


During her interviews Lily tried to be slightly humourous but it didn't really work with the crowd as they saw her as a little 'geeky'.

Lily: Why hello there Caeser!

Caeser: Hello Lily. Now tell me about your training score, that was a big surprise to me as you look so innocent!

Lily: Do I? Thats a first!

Caeser: What are your skills though?

Lily: I'm like a ninja, like with ninja stars and all that.

Caeser: Haha! Best of luck Lily Williams! Next is the male tribute from District 8... Michael!!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Lily took part in the bloodbath and first ran to get a sleeping bag but Roxie Flant kicked her in the head and got the sleeping bag first. Michael then came along, helped her up and took her to the Big Alliance.

On Day 2 Luke, Lily and Michael were arguing with the others for some unkown reason. In the night she was killed by Mollianne Westmore to cut down squabbling.

The Gamemakers purposely cut this out, only to show it on the final day so that the whole of Panem was kept on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what happened. Lily's death was screened as soon as the Mollianne Monkey Mutt was released.

She placed 13th out of 24


Lily's family and friends are dying to know who killed her. They later find out it was Mollianne Westmore.

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