Louise Woodrew
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Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 6
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Louise Woodrew is the male tribute from District 6 in the 2nd Pain Games. He is the brother of fallen tribute, Benjamin Woodrew.


He and his brother, Benjamin Woodrew, looks different. He has a dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a light skin.


He Volunteered to Avenge his Brother's Death before a name is called.


And out comes District 6's Missy Frias and Louise Woodrew who really light up the rides! Missy is wearing an outfit that looks like a stewardess outfit and she is sat on top of Louise. He is wearing green jet wings on his arms and wheels on his feet.


Louise trained hard and then showed his skills to the Gamemakers and obviously impressed them, earning him a 9 in training.


Next is the male tribute from District 6... Louise Woodrew!!!

Louise: Hey.

Caeser: Hi Louise. So you voulenteered this year, tell me why when your brother died last year.

Louise: That is why I voulenteered. I want to avenge his death... Or at least kill the District 1 boy this year.

Caeser: So what would be your tactic in these games?

Louise: Wait and see until the end of the show!

Caeser: We can't wait! Good luck Louise Woodrew!!!

Pain GamesEdit

During the bloodbath, Louise killed Samuel Lamar. He then runs away to meet the big alliance.

On Day 2, Micheal, Lily Williams, and Luke de Winter were arguing so he left the group.

He was up all night on Day 3 and when Luke happened to stumble in, he raises his axe without hesitation and says, "You killed Missy." And with that, he killed him.

He then makes his way to the volcano. He doesn't see Micheal coming towards him. But then they get into a fight and then the volcano starts to rumble and Micheal pushes him into the lava. He placed 9th out of the 24 tributes in these games.


His family was upset and enraged by his death for he had died right after his brother died the year before.

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