Luke de Winter
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Male
Weapon Blowgun
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Luke de Winter is the male tribute from District 5 in the 2nd Pain Games.


Luke has short brown hair and sea green eyes.


Luke de Winter was reaped and was incredibly scared at first but later realized that he had potential to win the games.


Next is District 5 and their tributes Mollianne Westmore and Luke de Winter. Mollianne is wearing a tight fitted black leather dress and bright yellow skinny pants. Luke is right next to her wearing a yellow top with a leather jacket and tight jeggings.-Ceaser Flickerman, 2nd Pain Games.

They were not that well recieved and only came 7th.


Luke de Winter received an 8 as his training score. He showed his skills with a blowgun.


Next is the male tributue from District 5... Luke de Winter!!!

Luke: Woop! Hello to the Capitol.

Caeser: And they say hello to you! So whats your opinion on Mollianne?

Luke: She is awsome! But you know it is kind of awful that the Westmore family have to watch one of their children go into the games again.

Caeser: Yes it is! Does that mean you have feelings for her?

Luke: Well she is a twin...

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: And thats all we have time for so best of luck Luke de Winter!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Luke was the first person to make a kill in the games by throwing his token at the plate of another tribute, instantly killing Missy Frias, Jave Salazar, and Violet Willowshire. He then escapes the bloodbath with Mollianne Westmore, his district partner. Most of their alliance then returns, but they find out that some of them had died in the bloodbath.

On Day 2, he along with Michael and Lily Williams are in a huge fight. This causes Louise Woodrew to leave the group.

On the night of Day 2/early morning of Day 3, Luke escaped after Lily was killed. The group notices Lily's body gone and that Luke is missing. Mollianne goes to search for Luke, hoping he is okay.

Luke stumbles in on Lousie Woodrew. Louise raises his axe with no hesitations. The last thing Luke hears before the axe is brought down on his head is, "You killed Missy." And with that, his cannon sounded.


Luke placed 12th out of the 24 tributes who entered these games. His family was upset by his death and has never liked Louise Woodrew.

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