Maple Tree
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Female
Weapon Knives,
Bow and arrows
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
"I know who I am... but who are you?"
―Maple right after her reaping, to her brother[src]

Maple Tree is one of the female tributes from District 7 in the 3rd Pain Games.

Looks Edit

Maple is tall for her age, with pale, honey-like waist lenght , curly hair with reddish-brown streaks. She has pale green eyes with darker green in them. Hey skin is a very pale blonde, too.

Reaping Edit

During the reaping for the 3rd Pain Games, Maple was reaped. As a rule for this year's games, if the reaped tribute has a sibling, that sibling was automatically reaped as well. Maple's brother, Beech, hid in order to avoid being reaped.

She strode on stage, then threw her green necklace into the crowd.

Chariots Edit

Now are the District 7 female tributes Who have wind blowing their lovely styled hair. Maple Tree is wearing a green shirt and Demi Trusker is wearing a blue shirt. Both girls have black shorts. The males are in the same chariot but behind them and they are both dressed like lumberjacks and have axes in their hands. And now they are cutting down the trees that are planted on the forest themed chariot! -Ceaser Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games

Her district got 6th place.

Training Edit

For training, she showed her skills with an axe and throwing knives. She got a 9, which is higher then some of the career scores.

Pain Games Edit

She was part of TBA and was the supply keeper, taking care of supplies.

On the first day, Maple had a small fight with Draco Adams then, Maple grabbed about 3 heavy ruthsacs and ran after Saffron Ventura and Troy Ventura. At the end of the day, she was with the big alliance in the forest.

The second day, when the TBA regrouped, Maple mocked Talon Rosedain and Mariette Staford. She was in favour of Mariette Staford's suggestion to go to the courncopia, along with Filivena Staford, Pulchra Ego and Candice Bolt.

On the Third day,

Aftermath Edit

Victory TourEdit

District 12: In 12, she gave a speech on how amazing were Candice and Lucas Bolt. She felt slightly ashamed because she hadn't managed to save Candice from dying.

District 11: She felt nothing, and gave a little speech on how the tributes were brave, including Ford.

District 10: She talked about how Fili and Mari were amazing and deserved not win more then her and Callie. She smirked at Talons family, and then talked about Danica.

Trivia Edit

  • Her birthday is July 10th
  • She and her twin used to be best friends with her twin until the reaping.
  • She has a crush on the District 2 male tribute, Troy Ventura.
  • She has Coulrophobia, the phobia of clowns.
  • She is quite mature and responsible, but very shy and unpopular.
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