Marcus Roberts
Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Male
Weapon Spear, shield
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
"I'm doing this for my brothers."
―Marcus Roberts[src]

Marcus Roberts is one of the male tributes from District 9 in the 3rd Pain Games. He is the cousin of fallen tributes Michael and Jason


Marcus had blonde, medium hair and blue eyes. He was pretty tall, just a few inches above Jason. He was toned and had a sixpack but he wasn't as stocky as Jason or as muscular as Michael. He was just in the middle of the two. He also wore glasses.


In a vengeful fit of rage and determination, Marcus volunteered for the Games. The crowd was shocked, and when it finally hit him, it shocked him too. He walked up to the stage and meeted his fellow tributes, Gunnar Pann telling him it was a ballsy move.


But right now its District 9 with their females out in front. Allie Whittle is wearing overalls and in her hand is a slingshot which she is using to throw cereal bars made of grain into the audience. Then she suddenly opens the chariot and two cows come out with help lead the chariot and moo occasionally when Allie asks them. Next to her is Holly Horizon who is dressed in women's overalls and she is helping Allie with the throwing of the cereal bars. Oh- and this is spectacular- she has just done a flip and jumped onto one of the cows backs. Now coming up behind them is Marcus Roberts and Gunner Pann. Marcus has overalls on and he is holding a scythe that he is twirling around his body. Gunner is wearing overalls and in his hand he has a hoe and with the hoe he is trying to balance it on any part of his body. The chariots are covered with grain and aswell as the four horses pulling them, the two cows released by Allie there are also two farm dogs running either side. This is just a fantastic spectical! -Ceaser Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games

They did amazingly and placed 1st.


Marcus trained hard with a spear and shield...he got a 6 in training.


In The games, he went and gathered supplies, but ran off after his district partner was killed in front of him. He ran into the desert and saved as much as he could of his supplies. Eventually, the arena came alive and he was killed.


After witnessing the last of the boys die, the family fell apart. Brothers turned against each other, and Marcus' mother viciously attacked her sister, leaving her in the hospital unconscious and not sure if she was going to make it. In District 9, a riot broke out between the family and all of their enemies, and havoc was wreaked.


  • Marcus loves catfish.
  • Before he volunteered, he thought about moving to District 10 to look for a job.
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