Mari Wesspark
Mari Westmore
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Female
Weapon Throwing knives
Electrical cables
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Mari Wesspark is one of the female tributes from District 5 in the 3rd Pain Games.


Very dirty blond hair, bright intelligent grey eyes, and a small build.


Mari made the Reaping look like a funeral as she solemly walked up the steps with her head down, quietly crying. But while walking inside the justice building suddenly she broke through the peacekeepers to the front of the stage and whistled Rue's four note tune before being dragged indoors, a clear act of rebellion, but only to the old officials in the Capitol (the ones who had survived the Second Rebellion) who alerted the President right away.


Now there are the District 5 tributes and cheers from the crowd go up as they have just found out that these costumes have been designed by the winner of the 1st Pain Games, Malliet Westmore! Petra Liit and Mari Wesspark are both wearing very short dresses that shower the floor behind them with sparks. Next comes Marek Ghoulden and Simion Liit who are wearing no shirts but pants with lightning bolts down the side... Very creative!

-The 3rd Pain Games

They didnt do that well but managed to grab 9th, dispite the victor styling for them.


Mari earned a 7 in training from her excellant throwing knife demonstration.

Pain GamesEdit


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