Marley Sereno
Age 13
Occupation Tribute
Home District 8
Gender Male
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Marley Sereno was the male tribute from District 8 in the 1st Pain Games. He sacrificed his life to saved Malliet's life from Quinn Sparkles.


Marley had brown, blonde hair. Blue eyes and a wonderful smile.


The cousin of Marley got reaped, and as no one for him volunteered, he volunteered for him. During the reaping Marley was telling jokes.


The other young pair are District 8's Marley Sereno and Cirena Staford who are wearing something that makes them almost blend into the night. It is very beautiful but they almost go unnoticed because they are wearing things so black.

The Capitol doesn't notice the pair of District 8. They placed 8th at the Chariot Rides.


Marley fought with a sword against the dummies. The gamemakers were bored by this, but eventually gave him a 6.


Caeser: Thank you for talking to me and I wish you the very best of luck Lila Woods!!! The next tribute is District 8's Male... Marley Sereno!!!

Marley Sereno: Hi.

Caeser: Welcome to the Games... How do you like it here in the capitol?

Marley: Its... Colourful.

(laughs from the crowd)

Caeser: Yes it is! Now how do you feel about being one of the youngest here? You are only thirteen.

Marley: Erm... I feel young? Probably going to die in the Bloodbath anyway.

(laughs and then quite as some feel sorry for him)

Caeser: I wish you the best of look Marley Sereno!!! The Female from District 8 is... Cirena Staford!!!

Marley was quite nervous, but stayed funny. And made the Capitol feel sorry for him.

Pain GamesEdit

In the bloodbath he was about to be killed by Jeramy Al when Ssithies Profane picks Marley up and carries him into the woods with Malliet and him.

At day 2 they only had 2 knifes and were resting at the edge of the forest.

On Day 3 the trio moved to the wetlands due to their lack of supplies.

On Day 4 they still havent reached the wetlands as Marley is slowing them down to they leave him on the edge of the forest, and continue to the wetlands. At this point Marley is the only tribute in the forest. Marley died at Day 5. When Lucy and Quinn were trying to kill the tribute of District 5, he helped him and jumped on Quinns back. Because of this they both drowned.


  • Marley placed the same number at the Chariot Ride as his Districts number.
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