Pamline Falcone
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Male
Weapon Axe, Mace
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
"I don't care if I die, as long as my family can accept that I love them, I will be happy"
―Pamline Falcone at the reapings

Pamline Falcone is one of the male tributes from District 7 in the 3rd Pain Games.


Pamline is decentlly tall, He is 6'2 exactly. He has short brown hair which he likes to keep dirty as he does not like to be to clean, he believes in living with nature. He has deep green eyes, the colour of leaves. He has no big toe as when he was young an axe was dropped on his foot.


He was very strong at the reapings, keeping a straight face so that his family could hold hope. Luckily her older sister had just turned 19, so she was not elgable to be selected. No one came to visit him as they all went home to cry, but he did not mind.


"Now are the District 7 female tributes Who have wind blowing their lovely styled hair. Maple Tree is wearing a green shirt and Demi Trusker is wearing a blue shirt. Both girls have black shorts. The males are in the same chariot but behind them and they are both dressed like lumberjacks and have axes in their hands. And now they are cutting down the trees that are planted on the forest themed chariot!" - 'Caesar Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games

District 7 received 6th Place


Pamline got a 5 in training.

He tried to show his skills with Axes and Maces but he was so nervous they slipped out his hands. He was highly dissapointed, but district 7 didnt do well that year so he wasnt really overshadowed.

Pain GamesEdit

Pamline was killed shortly after the games started. He ran in but was shot in the crotch by Thalia Combe. He was then swiftly beheaded by Thalia with a sword.

Ultimately he was placed 38th.


His parents were distraught and vowed to avenge him.

His sister went into depression and was sent away and passed on days later.


  • His sister turned 19 the day before the reaping, so for the first time in ages he was the only sibling in the age range.
  • He was in love with Petra Liit but Simion Liit wouldn't allow it.
  • His mentor, Saph was slightly distraught with his death. She hoped he had done better than the others.
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