Quinn Sparkles
Age 16
Occupation Career Tribute
Home District 4
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Quinn Sparkles was the female tribute from District 4 in the 1st Pain Games.


Tall for her age with long black hair and green eyes.


Quinn actually smiled as she stepped up to voulenteer and smiled all the way to the Capitol. She thought her district partner, Jeramy Al, was a bit of an idiot.


Next up to try and please the crowd is District 4's Jeramy Al and Quinn Sparkles. They are wearing beautiful costumes that really reflect what their district is all about. Quinn looks amazing and makes their chariot looks like it is literally riding over water! This is beautifully designed and looks like they might be the favorites at the moment! -Ceaser Flickerman, 1st Pain Games Quinn and Jeramy wore beautiful costumes. She wore a long flowing blue dress that made the chariot look like it was floating on water. Overall District 4 was placed 2nd.


During training Quinn showed off her knife skills and showed the gamemakers that she could throw accuratly whilst running. This gained her a 9.


In the interviews Quinn seemed a little different from most of the tributes but she was still very deadly.

Quinn Sparkles: Why thank you very much Caeser. May I say you are looking lovely tonight!

Caeser: Oh thank you! So are you Quinn. Tell me please about your enterance in the Chariot rides. It looked like you were riding on the waves!

Quinn: Well yes we almost were. Our stylist is a bit big headed though and decided that it would make us look more 'god-like'.

Caeser: And God-like you looked! What is your best weapon?

Quinn: Well most girls like butterflies and all that where I like knives.

Caeser: Well good luck and its been a pleasure meeting you. Ladies and Gentlemen its Quinn Sparkles!!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Quinn participated in the bloodbath and met up with the other Careers. Her first kills was Ivana Sickle and she killed her by throwing an arrow into her eye. She also hits Cirena Staford in the base of her neck.

On Day 2, whilst the Careers were fighting with Ford Dryden, Aven Rosedain, Jason and Benjamin Woodrew, Quinn stayed at camp and guarded it.

It was Quinn's idea to move to the wetlands on Day 3 because she figured out that they would have more food there. Quinn doesn't try to stop Darren Castly from killed Jeramy.

When the wetlands flood on Day 5, Quinn and Lucy Evans decided to attack the struggling Malliet Westmore and Ssithies Profane. Quinn seems to be winning against Malliet when Marley Sereno jumps on Quinn's back and drowns her. Marley had avenged his district partner's (Cerena) death.

Quinn Sparkles was placed 8th.


Quinn's family put Quinn's coffin onto the sea and let it float off into the horizon when her dead body came back to District 4.

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