Radent Carver
Age 66
Occupation Stylist
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Fate Alive
Appearances 2nd Pain Games
Radent Carver was the stylist for District 2 in the 3rd Pain Games.


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Chariot CostumesEdit

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Relationship with TributesEdit

Troy Ventura - Radent liked Troy, but thought he was a bit of a snob. Still, he treated Troy with respect.

Saffron Ventura - Radent thought Saffron was nice, and like Troy, he treated her with respect.

Draco Adams - Radent wasn't too fond of Draco, and thought he was a basic career who will die early.

Thalia Combe - Radent didn't know Thalia too well, but thought she was alright.

Audience ApprovalEdit

His design placed 3rd in audience approval!

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