Rosa Juna Ice
Age 12
Occupation Career Tribute
Home District 4
Gender Female
Height 5,1
Weapon Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Rosa Juna Ice is the female tribute for District 4 in the 2nd Pain Games. She was a career and trained for the games for many years.

Physical description Edit

She has bleached blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is short, thin and is one of the youngest tributes in the games.


She was reaped, along with Samuel Lamar of District 4. When her twins Aqua Ice`s name was called, she bravely volonteered, as Aqua was weaker then Rose Juna. They were not identical twins.

Chariot CostumesEdit

Rose Juna wore a beautiful blue dress with cute beach sandals . Here are the comments: The next District out of the doors is the tributes from District 4: Rose Juna Ice and Samuel Lamar. Rose is wearing an ocean blue dress and some beach sandles whilst Samuel is wearing a white top and blue shorts. Around his neck is some sort of necklace with seashells attached.


During training, Rose Juna stuck with the careers. She learned shooting arrows and knot tying. She practised knife throwing.


Her interview went like this :

Rose: Hi Caeser!

Caeser: Hello Rose. What would you say is your best skill?

Rose: Hard to say... I have so many! I would have to say the knife throwing though.

Caeser: Knife throwing? Very nice.

Rose: Yeah but it is kinda tricky to get the angle just right when you're running for your life!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: We unforntunatly don't have time for a knife throwing lesson today! Next is the District 4 male... Samuel Lamar!!!

Pain gamesEdit

Rose Juna was placed 19th and was killed by Danica Rosedain when she sent a dart into her neck. She killed no one.


Her parents were very angry at the capitol and vowed that Bianca and Candace will never be in the Pain games.


  • Her father, Kevin Ice was killed when she was ten, so she lives with her mother, Allie Ice and her two sisters, Lily Juna and Aqua.
  • Her name is also the name of the District 5 stylist in the 1st Pain Games
  • Her Place is the exact time she was born: 19:19 P.M.
  • She obviously has a huge crush on Samuel Lamar, her male counterpart
  • She prefers Lily Juna less than Aqua, leading to Lily thinking of volunteering.
  • She is names in honor of Rose Smith, her grandma and Polina Rose, her creator.
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