Roxanne Aileen
Red head
Age 20
Occupation Stylist
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Fate Alive
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Roxanne Aileen is a stylist for District 3 in the 3rd Pain Games.

Appearence Edit

Roxanne has light red hair and green eyes. Shes quite pretty and has this air of uncapitolian intelligence and shyness.

History Edit

She was born to a capitollian mother and a district 3 father, and visited district 3 every summer until when she was 10, he died. In hounor of him, she stopped wearing makeup, and did no cappitollian things again.

Despise her normal appearance, she always raises her voice on the second last vowel of every word.

Ex. Roxanne" Aileen

She also murmurs making her not understandable. She is incredibly shy and good at costumemaking.

Chariot Costumes Edit

Roxanne made the girls(Carmen Databyte and Callie Casey) wear dresses made out of wires that come up to their knees. The dresses light up in the middle of the chariots, making the crowd cheer.

The males (Corey Hicks and Jak Gamron) wear suits that also light up in the middle of the chariots.

The chariot is ten feet tall with huge tv screens on the sides, showing d3 reapings throughout the pain games.

Relationship With Tributes Edit

  • Jak Gamron - She respected him well enough but didn't really like him.
  • Corey Hicks - She didn't really like him and kept her distance,
  • Callie Casey - She eluded her, as she was often in the company of Corey.

Audiance Approval Edit


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