Samuel Lamar
Age 14
Occupation Career Tribute
Home District 4
Gender Male
Weapon Electric Net
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Samuel Lamar was the male tribute from District 4 in the 2nd Pain Games. He was a career and trained for the games for many years.


Samuel has brown hair, blue eyes and freckles.


Samuel always would practice making sharp objects, just in case he was chosen for the games. Since no one volunteered for District 4, Samuel was reaped for the 2nd Pain Games.


The next District out of the doors is the tributes from District 4: Rose Juna Ice and Samuel Lamar. Rose is wearing an ocean blue dress and some beach sandles whilst Samuel is wearing a white top and blue shorts. Around his neck is some sort of necklace with seashells attached.-Ceaser Flickerman, 2nd Pain Games

District 4 placed 6th on costume appeal.


Samuel received a 9 for his training score.


Next is the District 4 male... Samuel Lamar!!!

Samuel: Hello

Caeser: Now tell me about home Samuel.

Samuel: I was abused by my parents... Then I ran away and became a fisherman. Truth is though I never really trained that much as a Career!

Caeser: Oh thats unlucky... But you still managed to get a 9 in training.

Samuel: I could have gotten a higher score if I was able to train.

Caeser: Well best of luck to you Samuel Lamar!!!

Pain GamesEdit

At the beginning of the games, Samuel Lamar ran towards the Careers but he was killed by Louise Woodrew who was carrying a sword, axe and some food.

He placed 17th.


Samuel's family was enraged by his death, thinking that since he was a career he would make it past the bloodbath. They now do not like Louise Woodrew, the killer of their son.

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