Son Dim
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Male
Weapon Axe, Martial Arts
Fate Alive
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Son Dim is the male tribute from District 9 in the 2nd Pain Games. During the games, he forms an alliance with his district partner, Bianca Van Gough.


Son has slightly messy black hair, dark brown eyes and light skin. His nationality is chinese.



District 9 comes next and that chariot carries Bianca Van Gough and Son Dim. This stylist has wanted to focus on the collecting of grain rather than grain itself. We can see this because Bianca is dressed as a grain collector and has gold dust all round her and some grain on her face. Son is stood with his back to her and he is wearing torn pants and nothing on top. In one hand is a scythe and a sack is slung over his shoulder. The sack then bursts open and showers the Capitol crowd with gold dust. The chariot is designed like a wagon with black horses so that the gold dust will show up more on them.

District 9 placed 2nd in costume appeal.


Son Dim received a rubbish training score of 6.


Caeser: Times up! Next is District 9's male.... Son Dim!!!

Son: Yo!

Caeser: Yes yo! Now son we'd all like to know about your special skills!

Son: Well I am epic at kung fu!!! Hiiiya.... Plus I have an axe.

(ripples of laughter from crowd)

Caeser: Everytime I try to do kung fu I look like I'm having a heart attack.

(cries of laughter from crowd)

Son: Oh Caeser.... You're just too funny!

Caeser: I am, aren't I?! It was a pleasure talking to you Son Dim!!!

Pain GamesEdit

At the beginning of the games, Son and Bianca grabbed an axe and a knife plus a sleeping bag and some water and ran in the opposite direction to their alliance members. Nayl Kertzmin took off after them, chasing them with a sword. The chase continued for hours until Nayl rested in a tree for the night but Bianca and Son thought he was still chasing them so they didn't rest. On the third day, Son and Bianca went into the maze.

They then wander the maze before stumbling upon a sleeping Roxy, who they then killed.

On day 5 when the volcano erupted they had no where to run and were trapped in the maze, they were then burned to death.

Ultimately he placed 8th, and died before Bianca.


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