Ssithies Profane
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Male
Weapon Nunchuks, Knives, Axes
Fate Deceased
Appearances 1st Pain Games

Ssithies Profane was the male tribute from District 5 in the 1st Pain Games. During the games, he developed deep feelings for his district partner, Malliet Westmore.


Ssithies was small with redish hair with freckles and was also slightly chubby.


Ssithies was so scared when he was reaped but quickly regained confidence when he started speaking to Malliet Westmore.


District 5's chariot is coming into the open and it is carrying Ssithies Profane and Malliet Westmore who are wearing something that really brings out that District 5 is actually in charge of POWER! Just look at Ssithies pants and the way they light up in thunderbolts! - Ceaser Flickerman, 1st Pain Games.

They well pretty well recieved and placed 4th.


During training Ssithies showed the gamemakers his skills with nunchucks, something that they had never seen before. He was also skilled with knives and axes. This gained him a 7 in training.


Ssithies was trying to be cool in his interviews. But that all fell apart when he started talking about Malliet.

Ssithies Profane: Whats up?

Caeser: The question is whats up with you? And by that I mean whats going to go down in the arena?

Ssithies: Stop trying to be cool now... Its not working out for you! Well my tactic is to stay with my district partner and maybe some other cool tributes!

Caeser: And whats going to happen then?

Ssithies: Well I don't wanna kill them so I'll tell Malliet to run as far as she can.

Caeser: Thats very nice of you and I wish you all the luck. Ladies and Gentlemen its Ssithies Profane!!!

Pain GamesEdit

Ssithies participated in the bloodbath and he saved Marley Sereno from being killed by Jeramy Al and he ran into the forest carrying Marley, followed by Malliet. From the bloodbath they only managed to get two knives and no other supplies.

By Day 4 Ssithies and Malliet decided to ditch Marley because he was slowing them down. Marley stayed in the forest while they went to the wetlands.

On Day 5 when the wetlnds flooded, Ssithies and Malliet were taken by surprise. Especially when Lucy Evans and Quinn Sparkles attacked them. Ssithies and Lucy seemed to be evenly matched but Marley came to help Malliet fight off Quinn. Marley managed to drown Quinn but also killed himself. Lucy then retreated from the fight. On Day 6 Ssithies was killed by a dragonfly mutt which ripped him apart. Malliet killed that mutt because it killed her love.

Ssithies Profane was placed 5th.


Back in District 5, Ssithies' family mourned his death and they eventually let Malliet stay with them when she won.

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