Talon Rosedain
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 10
Gender Male
Weapon Blowgun, Whip
Fate Deceased
Appearances 3rd Pain Games
Talon Rosedain is one of the male tributes from District 10 in the 3rd Pain Games. He is Aven and Danica's cousin, and he worked in the Slaughterhouse with both of them.


Talon has dirty, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, abs and muscled arms and legs. He could be considered cute, but not very. He has a small scar underneath one eye from an accident involving a pitchfork when we was little.


Talon was calm and collected when he walked up onto the stage, and if you hadn't known him you would have thought that he either didn't care that he was being sent to the death or that he was confident he could win. Inside though, he was going crazy. He knew for an almost-fact that the reapings had been rigged again, which pissed him off, and he knew how much he would miss his friends and family which almost made him cry. He wasn't experiencing any good emotions, that's for sure.


Trying to top that is District 10... Mariette Staford and Filivena Staford are up first and they are wearing what seems to be some gothic looking costume. They are wearing leather pants and loose shirts that have splotches of blood on them. In both their hands they have guns and they start shooting at the audience but only blood comes out! Richter Moses and Talon Rosedain who have leather jackets just like the females but there are spikes on these and in their hands are lassos and guns which they shoot at the audience. But, again, only blood comes out. The chariot is black with the tributes names written in blood and the horses are also black and red to match the chariot. This is a very morbid and unusual take on the usual cowboy theme! -Ceaser Flickerman, 3rd Pain Games.

District 10 didnt do that well and only got 7th.


Talon managed to get a 10 in training.

Pain GamesEdit

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  • Many of his fans were outraged at his death, but not more so than the fans of his previous allies.
  • The whole scenario with Thalia was completely fabricated and disproven. He had met her before the Games, but he didn't love her.
  • His family was in utter chaos, wondering if he'd turned evil and never getting a chance to find out.


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