Thalia Heran
Age 29
Occupation Escort
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Height 6"1
Fate Alive
Appearances 1st Pain Games

2nd Pain Games

Thalia Heran is the escort of the District 2 tributes.


Thalia was the weirdo of The Capitol, she's one of the weirdest people there. They call her "the freak downtown". After many therapies -which didn't work- Thalia wanted to become an escort. So she wrote a letter, and qualified for the test of becoming an escort.


Thalia is obsessed with zombies and other weird creatures. Also she's quiet and shy. And as she is mentally off, it's hard for her to make contact to anyone.

Experience of The Pain GamesEdit

Thalia stopped watching The Pain Games when one of her favorite tributes she guided died. After that game, she never watched one of the games again. But she did watch the Reapings, Chariot and Training Score revealing. Which at both games pleased her.

Relationship with tributesEdit

Thalia never talks or makes any contact to/with the tributes. She's afraid if they start to know each other, it'll be harder when the person dies.