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The Pain Games Wiki is a wiki about the brilliant Hunger Games spin-off by Wikia user Rainbow Shifter. The Pain Games are technically a normal Hunger Games except when tributes get into the arena, If one tribute kills another tribute then their energy gets drained and they feel an equal amount of pain as the tribute they killed.

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"No! I'm not going to let you die for me!"
―Malliet Westmore[src]

Malliet Westmore is the victor of the 1st Pain Games. She is the twin sister of Mollianne Westmore and the district partner and girlfriend of the late Ssithies Profane.

After she won the games and the victory tour was over, she returned to District 5 discovering that her parents were taken away and killed by the capitol. She also found out the her twin sister, Mollianne Westmore is to be purposely reaped into the next Pain Games. With her home destroyed, Malliet and Mollianne stayed with Ssithies's family. (Read More)

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