Tiffany Gomez
Age 13
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances 2nd Pain Games

Tiffany Gomez was the female tribute from District 3 in the 2nd Pain Games.


Tiffany has curly brown hair and green eyes. Unlike most of her district, who have black hair and ashen skin. Her hair is quite curly and she is quite small, as she is only 13 years old.


She volunteered as tribute, 'cause her mother told her to. Mrs. Gomez thinks it's a great honor to compete in the games.


Hoping to be more decent is District 3 and their tributes Tiffany Gomez and Rockey Dean. Rockey is wearing a gold suit that shoots lights at the crowd. His hair has been dyed silver and you can just make out a silver crown on his head. Tiffany is wearing some sort of silver dress that starts to shoot rainbow coloured lasers! The gold crown makes her hair look like it is on fire and her gold shoes sparkle with the light. Even the chariot itself has been decorated with glitters and sparkles plus it is also shooting laser. And- no it can't be- the chariot is floating!

District 3 was the best District at the Chariot Rides, they placed first.


Tiffany tried to blow up 5 dummies, but only two were blown up. Because of a lost wire she didn't see.


Tiffany: Well you see Caeser, you didn't really use proper english grammar there did you?

Caeser: Oh you sound like my mother! Tell me about yourself Tiffany.

Tiffany: No, I'll tell you OF myself.

Caeser: I think you'll find thats not correct either Tiffany!

Tiffany: Oh course it is! I know everything there is to know. Just ask my teacher that time when I solved a question that was far beyond my understanding and and just ask my daddy about the time I invented-

Caeser: And it looks like you're out of time! Quick somebody shut her up!! Next is District 3's male tribute... Rickey Dean!!

Tiffany seems to be a know it all, and obsessed with grammar. Everyone disliked her, especially Caesar.

Pain GamesEdit

Tiffany was killed in the bloodbath on day 1, by Nayl, who sliced open her neck.

She finished 18th.


  • Tiffany knows everything, and is obsessed with grammar.
  • The Capitol dislikes Tiffany.
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