Victors are tributes who have won previous Pain Games. Because of this, they receive income from the Capitol for life, are given a special status in their districts, and are allowed to live in the part of their district called the Victors' Village with their families. In return, victors must act as mentors to subsequent tributes from their district in future Games. They line up sponsors, control the flow of gifts, and have a say in the tactics that the tribute uses. They must not mistreat their tributes. If a victor is considered highly desirable, they may be forced to become a pawn in Capitol politics (by becoming a prostitute) and if he or she refuses one of their loved ones are killed.

List of VictorsEdit

Victor District Fate Games Age Strategy
Malliet Westmore 5 Alive 1st Pain Games 15 (games)
Pulled a "Foxface" (fast and sneaky). She stayed away from big alliances that would possibly betray her.
Excel Rose 1 Deceased 2nd Pain Games 12 (games)
13 (death)
Searched and killed tributes off, one by one.
Unknown Alive 3rd Pain Games Unknown Unknown
Unknown Alive 3rd Pain Games Unknown Unknown


  • After Malliet became the victor of the first games, the President tried to force her to become a prosititute like Finnick but she refused so he killed her parents and reaped her sister into the second games.
  • After the first few days of mentoring, Excel realized how much he hated being a mentor and how pathetic the career tributes were. He soon got validation from the capitol to participate in the third games.
    • This decision later convinced the Capitol to re-animate Danica Rosedain for the 3rd Pain Games, due to Excel's hatred towards her in the previous games.
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